In The Field



We want to show you that Chocolates CAN hunt!

LRCSC Field Day!

Hunt Test

Here birdie, birdie birdie...

DKDK_006.JPG (127481 bytes)

Atta girl!

DKDK_008.JPG (131865 bytes)

Nanny, nanny, nanny, I gotta birdie!

DKDK_011.JPG (96530 bytes)

There she goes...for her very first land retrieve!

And look at her fly back with that bird on the first try!

Click on the picture to enlarge it.  It's a great shot of her just flying through the air with that bird!  I wish I had gotten closer!

DKDK_012.JPG (98156 bytes)

Come on, let me at 'em!  Please, please, please!

DKDK_014.JPG (79679 bytes)

Splash!  Now on to a water retrieve!

DKDK_015.JPG (79152 bytes)

Here I come Dad, I got the duck!

DKDK_009.jpg (22919 bytes)

Harley and her handler and owner, Robert.

Harley sticks at River.JPG (90641 bytes)

Harley also works very hard at the Colorado River keeping the River clean...But also finds a few things to play with herself!

Her daughter, Oso, follows in her footsteps, staying wet at all times!

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