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Our children and pets are never left without one of us!  We take as many of our dogs with us that will fit in our Suburban on our weekend vacations, if the destination allows it.

Some of the dogs you see are living with fellow Lab-Loving Family members.  Not all of our dogs live with us.  My parents are retired and enjoy helping out with the dogs.  As we are limited by room, we co-own some of the dogs with others but each dog is one of the family.  And because we do not breed all of our dogs, we only have one litter every twelve to eighteen months.  

We are also supported by my siblings and parents who are also Lab-Lovers and dedicated to the breed.  Litters may occasionally be available through them.

Our philosophy is to produce quality, sound, all-purpose Labradors while maintaining good looks and complying to the AKC Breed's Standards.  Our main goal, above all,  is to produce a well-rounded, loving and loyal  companion that is true to the Labrador breed.  We want Labradors that can perform whatever their job may be; working for their owners, assisting those with disabilities, hunting in the field, showing in the ring or simply babysitting a toddler, keeping the sofa warm and keeping the backyard soil cultivated!

We believe in a home-like atmosphere from the day they are born.  They are raised inside the house with us, our children and our other pets.  Our children take part in the puppies socializing from the second they are born.  Each puppy is loved, handled, played with, exercised, bathed, dewormed, micro-chipped and given his initial sets of shots.  So when our puppies go to their new homes, they are very well socialized and adjust easily to their new "parents."

We chose the chocolate color just out of pure favoritism!  They are just as sweet and gentle as the next Labrador.  They are also great hunters and just as wonderful companions as the blacks and yellows.  My family has loved Labs as long as I can remember.  It was so rare to ever find a chocolate one.  That is why we chose the chocolate color as our focus.  It became our goal to get the chocolates the recognition they deserved!  You may read about the dogs who got us started in love with canines.

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These are our practices and philosophy:

We screen all buyers!

We require to meet all buyers in person before we will sell a puppy or dog to them.  If this is not possible then I would recommend you try a local rescue or AKC club or Links page to find a breeder closer to you.

We will not sell to a pet store and do not patronize any pet stores that sell puppies!

We breed for love, not for profit!

We sell all puppies with Limited Registration, unless otherwise agreed upon prior to the sale.

We require a written spay/neuter and First Right of Refusal contract.

We health screen all breeding stock and obtain OFA and CERF certifications on all dogs.

Breeding is never a business, it is never "for profit" and it is never intended to make a dog a "Mother" or "Father."

We are a family, hobby breeder.  We don't have a fancy kennel or a  lot of dogs that we breed.  The dogs we have are our pets and family members as well as our contribution to improving the Labrador breed.  We truly love the Labrador.  We hope you do too.


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