Puppy Photo Album



Poor Harley, only two days before she gave birth to eight puppies!





Here they are, only three weeks old and just starting to move all over!





4 weeks - pups.jpg (43916 bytes)Four weeks old UB x Harley pups.







5 weeks - black female.JPG (46403 bytes)

Let's go for a ride!








6 weeks - blacks pink male.jpg (41191 bytes)Six week old Harley x UB male.








6 weeks - choc blue & red.jpg (48003 bytes)


Harley's showing her puppies a good time out in the yard.






8 wks - Gus & Oso.jpg (60798 bytes)

Gus and Oso at eight weeks old








Here's Gator letting them bite and chew at his ankles.  He was their foster "Daddy."






After playing, we did some creative photography...

The puppies are laying on the backs sleeping. (The background is a little confusing)




Now they're making a ladder...

They were very cooperative!



6 weeks - Gus & Harley.jpg (53142 bytes)

Our foundation, Harley, just loves her babies!  

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