Looking for a Xmas Gift?



Looking for a Christmas Puppy?

If you have your hart set on giving a pet to your family for Christmas, consider waiting until after the holidays.  Instead of tossing a brand new baby into the middle of an already hectic time of the year, try these suggestions:

Wrap up a photo of the puppy instead of the real thing.  The breeder, or animal shelter, where you are getting it from would be happy to let you snap a photo.  They would even be impressed that you are being so thoughtful and responsible!

Also, make up a special puppy gift package that might include food and water dishes, new collar and lead, brushes, pet snacks, chew toys and maybe even a dog bed (remember it will only be little for a very short time, Labs grow fast!).  A fun way to present it would even be to put it all inside a dog crate if you plan to crate train.  A crate is a wonderful house-breaking and training tool.

These are 3 good reasons why I recommend you wait until after Christmas:

1.  The noise may be too frightening to the young pup when he is at an age where he is least able to deal with it.  Puppies go through a natural "fear" period between 7 and 12 weeks old.  After the already traumatic experience of being taken from its comfortable surroundings, a hectic holiday season may be too much to handle which could have a lifelong negative effect on him.

2.  If you wait you may avoid the "new toy" syndrome.  You don't want your puppy to be ignored after the excitement of this new thing wears off.  It's especially common with children to become less enthusiastic about something after the thrill is gone.  If you save the excitement for after all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays and new gifts is over, the whole family will be able to be more involved and more focused on the puppy.  It is a lot of responsibility and really requires all of your attention.

3.  If you want to be successful at housebreaking, you'll need regularity and a good, solid schedule.  This would be hard to provide during the holidays.  And if guests arrive, you don't want to have to be cleaning up "accidents" around the house!

I hope this has been helpful to you in deciding to wait until after the holiday season.  You may still give your family the surprise of a new puppy while making that excitement last until a more appropriate time to bring that new puppy into your home.

Happy Holidays!

Harley Labradors

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