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This is how it all started...

...Our love affair with dogs and the Labrador Retriever.  Read about each of our dogs, from the beginning of the birth of Dogdom around here, which you will notice didn't even start with a Labrador!  Click on any of these pictures to make them bigger and visit each of our dogs personal photo albums for more great pictures.  Enjoy our story!

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Our Original Matriarch, Missi Lou

Glamis Sand Dunes, CA

1989 - August 11, 2000

Please visit Missi's page...

(Yes, I know she's not a Lab)



Dakota River 5 Yrs.jpg (11621 bytes)Dakota (January 1994 - Still Healthy!)

Colorado River, CA

We brought Dakota home in 1994 to give our older dog, Missi, some company. I was told that Dakota was a pure black Labrador without any papers. I didnít care about the papers but I wanted a Lab so took her home. She turned out to be a Lab/Whippet mix. What a unique combination! She is quite fast and agile, she loves to swim and retrieve her tennis balls while sheís only half the size of her Labrador counterparts. She has been the perfect traveling companion accompanying Missi on all our trips to the Colorado River. She has brought so much comedy and laughter to our lives as she has quite a sense of humor. Although it looked like for a while that she was going to be nothing but trouble, we found that with the breeds she is mixed with, it just took some extra compromise and understanding to train her. She definitely was no typical Lab! However, she has turned into a very loyal and obedient friend that I am ever so happy that I came across.  Because we wanted Dakota to get the attention that she deserved, she is now in a new home with her handsome Chesapeake Bay Retriever boyfriend, Target.  Thanks to Diana and Rick for giving her a wonderful home!  She lives very close to us still and is still a part of the family.  Click here to see Dakota's photo album.



Gator (January 13, 1994 - May 2006)

Isn't that a face only a mother could love?

Now Gator was born only five months after Dakota.  He is a Boxer.  He was originally owned by a good friend of ours.  Gator and Dakota used to spend every weekend together playing, went to the Colorado River together and got into a lot of trouble together!  They were the best of friends.  Our friend asked us if we would take Gator because she couldnít keep him any longer and we were happy to!  So in 1996, Gator officially became a member of our family (he always was anyway).  He was now the man of the house.  With Dakota and Gator goofing around all day, poor Missi was now asking me, "Do I have to live with these two?"  Gator needed a lot of training and work.  We got him neutered, practiced some basic obedience and with a little time (and maturity) he has turned out to be a really nice guy to have around! We thought Dakota was funny, but until youíve seen him hop around the living room like he has a tutu on, you havenít seen anything!  Gator is the "Foster Daddy" when puppies are around and gives them the fatherly guidance they need (Gator doesn't know he's not a Lab)!  Click here to see Gator's photo album.



Harley River Laying.JPG (52720 bytes)Harley

Colorado River, CA

Now this is where Harley Labradors began.  Harley was chosen to be the next member as my fondness of the Labrador Retriever grew.  She is an AKC Chocolate Labrador (tried and true this time)! I loved the chocolate color and loved the Labrador traits that Dakota possessed.  She came home with us in 1997 and was the biggest chocolate angel.  She was a joy to work with. She loves to lie around on her back and carry as many tennis balls that will fit in her mouth. She loves the water so much that we canít keep her out of the pool or the river in the winter.  She has the sweetest temperament and richest, dark chocolate coat.  She is definitely a wonderful addition to our family and an asset to our breeding program.  She is shared between us and my parent's whom are very fond of her.  Harley Labradors begins...visit our Girls.



Smokie and Duncan Mac Cloud

Last but not least, we have our two feline friends.  They balance out our family with their kitty curiosity!  Smokie was only six weeks old when we brought her home and she still thinks Dakota is her mother (as she tried to nurse from her quite often)!  We adopted Duncan from the Downey Animal Shelter after we lost Smokieís brother and sidekick, "The Bandit".  Duncan fit in well with all the dogs.  He loves to play with the dogs as he thinks he's a dog too!  He has chosen now to be the man of the house while Gator reigns over the yard and the canine ladies.


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