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Is an adult Labrador what you are looking for?  Do you think an older puppy or dog might be more suitable?  Do you just want to help a Lab in need?  Please contact the Labrador Rescue in your area.  They have Labradors of all ages and colors in need of good homes.  You would be doing a wonderful thing for both your heart and your family.  Labradors make great family pets and are wonderful companions.  Unfortunately not all Labradors find owners as wonderful as they are and are sometimes left abandoned, stranded, lost or abused.

  Please take a look at a rescue near you!  You might see one that just captures your heart!  There are so many great looking, purebred Labradors in need of homes.  They often have chocolates also! 

If you don't find the one you are looking for, try contacting one as close to you as possible.  They may be able to refer you to one in your area.

Arizona - Phoenix/Tuscon

California - Central

California - Southern

California - Riverside County

California - Golden Gate Area



District of Columbia, Suburban Maryland and No. Virginia




Indiana - Central


Maryland - Potomic Area

Midwestern U.S.

New York - Long Island

Still can't find one in your area?  

If you can't find one on this page, please refer to the following site.  It is updated regularly and may be able to lead you to a Labrador Rescue in your area:  Labrador Retriever Rescue Contacts

If you have adopted a rescued Labrador with medical problems, LABMED may be able to help.  They provide financial aid to those Labradors in need:  Rx for the Rescued Labrador

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