In Dedication To Our Missi Lou

Missi was the oldest and wisest member of our family. She is a German Shepard/Chow mix.  We took her into our home and our hearts after she was placed as a yard dog for a business back in 1993.  I knew from the moment I saw her that there was something special about her.  While she was at the business, I used to take her for walks and on afternoon outings.  I even got to "borrow" her for an occasional weekend to the River...

Missi running.jpg (11635 bytes)

Running next to the boat on the beach at the River...

I loved her from the day I met her!  She truly taught me how to love an animal.  I mean really love an animal with all of your heart.  She was no ordinary dog.  I really believe that fate brought us together and that she found me as much as I found her.  We were meant to be together.

Missi sitting.jpg (6682 bytes)

When I first met her in 1993

Luckily they agreed to let me take her home and so we retired her from her work and she became our pet.  As you can see, she had quite a personality.  We took her everywhere we went and I mean everywhere.  She enjoyed dune buggying...

Missi.jpg (25981 bytes)

Dune-buggying at Glamis Sand Dunes, CA


Missi in boat.jpg (8936 bytes)

In our first boat at the Colorado River, CA


missi in jeep.jpg (20688 bytes)

Going for a desert jeep ride, from left to right, Dakota up front with my hubby, Robert, Gator and Missi in the back.

and, as the alpha dog, keeping our other dogs in line!  She was very protective of me, while also very gentle and loving to others.  

We lost Missi to Mammary Cancer (Breast Cancer) on August 11, 2000.  We removed three malignant tumors from her mammary glands last summer (1999) and were just praying that we caught it soon enough.  Unfortunately we didn't.  The cancer moved up into her chest and abdomen and we just couldn't fight it anymore.  I thank Dr. Sommers at Northridge Veterinary Center in Northridge for giving us another year to spend with our Missi and allowing her die with dignity and with the one who loved her the

Me & Missi.jpg (8215 bytes)

Me and my girl

We’ve been through a lot together through the years.  She took such good care of me.  I could never repay her for the abundance of love she gave me.  She never slept at night if my husband wasn't at home.  She laid in my doorway and made sure all was well throughout the night.  It's not the same without her here to warn me of "intruders."  She made our house a home.  

Sky & Missi.JPG (74625 bytes)

This was the most recent picture taken of Missi in May 2000 with my son, Skyler.

I will always think of here when I visit her favorite spot at the Colorado River (in the shade at the top of the grassy bank above the river)  and will always remember how much love she brought to my life.  She will always be my best friend.

If you love your pet and don't want to lose her to Mammary Cancer there are ways you can help prevent it.  Spaying her BEFORE her first heat is the best way.  It will eliminate her chances of developing such a cancer to almost nil.  Click here to read more about it.  Please have your pets spayed or neutered.